Maseo Digital knows hosting is a key element to any business’s online success. The correct hosting ensures suitable bandwidth, security, storage, performance and much more. 

Cloud Hosting at Maseo Digital

Hosting for all
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Whether it’s an increase in website traffic, data storage requirements, or the need for additional computing power, Maseo provide scalable hosting services that effortlessly accommodate any changes. Our flexible services allow you to efficiently manage costs and provide a seamless user experience, even during periods of high traffic or growth.

Maseo’s scalable hosting services ensure your business can easily expand or shrink server resources as required, making our solutions fit for businesses aiming to stay agile and competitive.


With online cyber attacks at an all-time high, secure hosting services are a prerequisite for business online. Maseo provide a protective environment where sensitive data and digital assets are shielded from cyber threats and unauthorised access.

We employ various security measures, such as encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection, and regular security updates, to ensure data integrity and privacy are as secure as possible.

All our hosting is secure and fosters trust with customers, protects reputation, and maintains compliance with stringent data protection regulations.

Why Maseo?

Security and protection is paramount to Maseo which we deliver on a scalable basis to meet changing business needs.


Any hosting solution should lead with security at the forefront of it’s offering which is why we offer SSL,  encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection and more as a bare minimum.


Maseo perform backups multiple times a day to ensure that critical information and website content can be quickly and easily restored, minimising downtime and potential damage to a business’s reputation.


Whether it’s accommodating traffic spikes during a product launch or expanding server resources as your business grows, Maseo offers scalable hosting to ensure seamless scalability without disruption.

Always on

Maximum uptime is critical for any business, as even a brief interruption can result in lost revenue, decreased user trust, and a negative impact on search engine rankings. Maseo guarantee a 99.99% uptime to provide reassurance you’re in safe hands.

Bespoke hosting solutions

Hosting plays a pivotal role in delivering your business online, serving as the backbone for websites, applications, and data storage. Hosting enables your business to make your content and services accessible over the internet.

Maseo provide a variety of hosting solutions, such as web hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting, each catering to your specific business needs.

These services are essential for ensuring website reliability, speed, and security, facilitating e-commerce, information sharing, and online presence. They also contribute to the scalability and cost-efficiency of your business. 

Maseo work with each of our partners to review and recommend the most suitable solution for your business needs.

More of our services

Web Development

We create stunning, user-friendly and fully responsive websites that captivate audiences and drive conversions. Elevate your online brand presence and leave a lasting impression with our exceptional web design expertise.

Maps & Directories

Our Maps & Directories services are designed to optimise your local and online presence. We expertly manage your listings, ensuring your business shines across popular directories and navigational tools. Whether it’s Google Maps, Yelp, or industry-specific directories, we put your business on the map – literally. Elevate your digital footprint, increase discoverability, and connect with your local audience like never before. 


Our full-service digital marketing expertise covers a variety of disciplines. With a dynamic blend of creativity and data-driven approaches, we elevate brands, drive growth, and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. From e-mail marketing to digital marketing, we’re here to amplify your brand presence and deliver exceptional results. 

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